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Lifen Covid - The remote monitoring platform for Covid19 patients

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80% of Covid19 patient don't need to be hospitalized and can be send back home but symptoms are changing quickly so patients need to monitored frequently. We created a SaaS solution to enable care givers to get daily feedback on patients conditions and to adapt their actions depending on the gravity of symptoms.

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How does the platform works?

Care givers dashboard

Visual identification of patients urgency with 4 color codes
1 click automated folow-up action by sms or email
Email notification to physician when a patient needs to be hospitalized

Simple and reassuring process for patients

Daily message by sms or email with easy to fill forms
Frequency of forms increase if symptoms are getting worse
Forms are hosted on secured environement

Real-time statistics

Number of patients enrolled daily.
Average response time.
Patient distribution by severity of symptoms.

Safety: Lifen ensures compliance with the highest standards

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